Fort McMurray Photographer

Fort McMurray Photographer

Fort McMurray Photographer

If you are searching for a Fort McMurray Photographer for a project related to the Alberta Oil Sands one must first understand the dynamic relationship between Fort McMurray the Oilsands. The city of Fort McMurray (which is actually called the Regonal Municipality of Fort McMurray) is actually a gateway to the physical location of the Oil Sands projects. The Sands themselves are not located in the city of Fort McMurray, they are located outside the city limits, often taking 1-2 hrs to arrive at their location. In many cases the Fort McMurray photographer must have special access to the sites such as Syncrude and Albian oil sands projects.

Fort McMurray Photographer Prices

Prices for a Fort McMurray Photographer will range, but will always tend to be on the higher side, simply because the cost of living in Fort McMurray is so much higher. However with hotel fees, transportation as well as flights, many times it makes more sense economically to contract a Fort McMurray photographer for your project. There however few professional industrial and commercial photographers in Fort McMurray, so they can often command a higher rate for their services. Typical day rates for Fort McMurray professional photographers range from $1000-$1500/day.

Fort McMurray Industrial Photographer

Clients who are searching for an Fort McMurray Industrial photographer must ensure the following considerations to ensure your Fort McMurray photographer will come up with the best results. Does your photographer have the proper PPE to arrive on location. Has your Fort McMurray photographer photographed images along the same look as what you are looking for? Does your Fort McMurray industrial photographer have the proper equipment to shoot at an industrial site.

Why Hire a Fort McMurray Photographer

Many city photographers simply do not understand the dynamic working relationship in the industrial field. It’s a brotherhood. Blue collar workers do not take kindly to new faces on their job site. So your photographer must be aware of this and be dressed appropriately. Simply showing up with “NEW” steel toe boots can be disastrous for the relationship between the workers and the photographer. Something as simple as this can ruin your entire photo shoot. The Fort McMurray photographer must blend into his environment and become one with the crew. They need to talk like a crewmember, be dressed like a crewmember, and understand the language and customs of a blue collar industrial worker.

City of Fort McMurray

Not all photo shoots in Fort McMurray take place in the Oil Sands projects. Fort McMurray as a city offers some unique photographic locations ranging from a beautiful riverfront, some modern architecture, a pristine golf course and unique textured industrial locations. The city of Fort McMurray is actually split in two on both sides of the river, making for picturesque locations for some landscape portraiture. About 30 minutes away you will even find a sandy lake beach Your Fort McMurray photographer will be able to discuss in detail some of the locations on hand

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